Sunday, June 25, 2017

Being a Beach Person ! @Murudeshwara

Hola !

A Chennaite being a beach person is no surprise :) You have lived in complete love with the Bay of Bengal all your life (okay 23 years) and suddenly when you start living in a city (Bengaluru) that is nowhere near the coast makes you crave for those beach vacations 

So here I was craving for a beach vacation and finally made it to Coast of the Arabian Sea.

Murdeshwara is the place where there is this majestic statue of "The Mahadev" ! He sits as the King of the Arabian sea . Said to be the 2nd largest statue of Shiva in the world, His temple tower is a beauty and the view from the temple tower is a feast for the eye. Take a look at it yourself 

I stood there embracing every second of this view .. letting it sink into me and stay with me for a very long time to come 😊
Isn't she majestic to watch ... true to the words "As endless as the ocean, as timeless as the tides" she gives you relaxation beyond infinity 

The Mahadev 

The Lord and his Temple Tower

Murudeshwara temple tower 

One can take the lift up this tower to get the view of the beach ..feel the wind in your hair before you dip your feet into the Arabian sea 😊

Friday, June 05, 2015

Breathtaking Kemmannagundi

Sharing my panoramic shot of Kemmannagundi a breathtaking place , with lush greenery, serene atmosphere and ever flowing springs. The pleasant whether and the scenic beauty can sweep you off your feet !

(click on this link to view original pic : Kemmannagundi panoramic shot)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bring Back The Touch

Little Manu ran out to the porch in a sincere effort to deafen himself from the screams of his parents.. Radha and Raghav had been married for 15 years now and their thirteen year old son felt they were no more in love like the couples he saw in movies. The screaming and fighting had become a routine in the morning hours now. It was the summer holidays and Manu was home. He could not escape from being an audience to this scene everyday now. He tightly shut his ears and eyes not knowing what to do .. Suddenly he remembered Priya Athai (meaning aunty). Priya was Raghav's sister and had narrated a lot of fun and love stories about Manu's parents to him before.

Manu sneaked out Raghav's mobile and dialled Priya. He explained the situation at home sobbing and asking Priya if those stories he told her were ever true ...Priya promised to set things right.

It was Radha and Raghav's 16th year wedding anniversary that day. Manu and Priya were ready to execute their plan.

Manu went to Radha's bedroom first he played a song softly in her ears from the mobile. Radha smiled and slowly opened her eyes remembering that was the song Raghav sang when he proposed to her in college for the first time and always sang that to comfort her and make her smile until the first few years of their marriage. She took the mobile from Manu , hugged him and sat in bed with a tear rolling down her cheek.

Manu next went to Raghav he tickled his father's foot while he continued to laugh loudly with excitement. Raghav got up swiftly from bed saying "Radha stop it am up am up". Smiling broadly he said "My sweet cute lil wifey , You never change don't you ?" As he opened his eyes and scanned the room he found little Manu and not Radha. The smile on his face faded and he sat there in deep thought.

Around 10.00 am that morning Priya came home and asked Radha and Raghav to get ready for a surprise from her and Manu. Priya drove the couple to their college campus. She took them to the same tree where the couple had carved out their names on the bark of a tree. Priya and Manu clicked pictures of the couple whilst they attempted to rekindle the spark in their love life. She then drove them to their favourite coffee shop and to the same place Radha and Raghav used to sit for hours and talk. Priya let them be alone and took Manu to the play area. 

Radha and Raghav sat in silence for a while reminiscing the lovely old days. Both were not sure who made the first move but in few minutes the held hands to #BringBackTheTouch and they realized what they lost in this mechanical routine of life. With a silent promise to each each other to make life better for them and their son Manu they left home as a happy family.

A gentle touch 
A warm embrace
Can bring life to any place - quoted by Unknown

How true is that ! To all the lovely couples out there before you break remember to #BringBackTheTouch because it would work miracles in your life.

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