Wednesday, March 05, 2014

My Fan Next Door ;-)

'Neighbour's EnvyOwner's Pride' May have been the tagline of Onida but guess what its the same with Hair also 'Owner's Pride, Other LADIES Envy'

Shyla has been my neighbor for two months now. Everyday when I left home she made it a point to take a look at me. I kept telling my husband that one day I would want to ask her what it was that made her peep every time I went out.Seriously I was getting realllyyyy curious 

One Friday evening as I watered my plants in the balcony Shyla appeared. The voice inside my head gave a warning 'Oh no... Put the Watering can down and flee'. On the other hand there was this other voice, inside my head again ' Ask her what is her problem '

While I kept deliberating, I heard a hi !

"Hi", I replied

Shyla (smiling broadly) : For long I wanted to talk to you 

Me : Yeah what is it ? ( Voice inside my head : I wanted to ask you something too")

Shyla : It's beautiful 

Me : err... What ?

Shyla : Your hair . Long , Shiny , fabulous and most of all obedient.

Me : Thank you but Obedient ? I din't get you

Shyla : OK. I can't stop myself and I've got to tell you this. I just can't hold it anymore

Me : huh ( OMG what is it ?)

Shyla : My hair is weird and just wont obey me. It's frizzy and makes me look like Hairy Scary from Casper and the Angels.

Me: ( I took a second off to imagine Hairy Scary )

Shyla : I have tried everything to tame my hair. All the Oils that have been advertised, Long warm water shower with most of my hair going down the drain and Comb what's left on my head. Finally just end up shedding tears.
But look at you. I make it a point to take a look at you when you leave home. I am sorry but am not a stalker. I have even clicked pictures of your lovely hair
(She pulled out her iPad to show me and continued explaining )

Your lovely Beach Curls when you go out in the weekends with your hubby and the streak !

 Your Fish tail braid that goes with your Desi look at times

 Your puffed up hair style to college daily

and finally your straight hair when you wear business formals to your College 

I stand here watching you in envy as you toss your fabulous hair and as the wind plays with it when you are on the motorbike riding away .

She Finally stopped

I stood rooted to the spot letting her words and images of me sink into myself. Then again Shyla spoke just two words very softly :Help Me "

Oh common I said to myself, she has been your fan all this while ( Ok am going overboard but its optimism I say ). On a serious note I needed this help at one point today I was gonna share it with another beautiful lady.

I smiled back at her for the first time, got my mobile and whatsapped her this video:

I watched her eyes widen with joy as she watched the video. She discovered the way to tame her mane, it was simply splendid #DovePlay.

It was my turn to end the conversation

Me : hey lady I appreciate you being so straight forward. Now that you know how to play around with your hair go ahead and start experimenting. None to stop you from doing that and you better whatsapp me my pics :P

She thanked me and an hour later I found her return with the Dove magic kit in her hands. 

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